Why Mitsubishi Cars Are Good Cars

a black car parked on a street

Mitsubishi is well known in the automotive world for their SUVs and trucks. Mitsubishi also holds an extensive history of innovation ranging from pioneering Four-Wheel Drive technology to developing an electronic Traction Control System system for use on their models.

Although their vehicles don’t boast high performance specs, they do come equipped with features that make driving them enjoyable – like all-wheel drive and active stability control – as well as safety technology features that enhance driving pleasure.


Mitsubishi vehicles are an excellent way to combine affordability with reliability and innovation; therefore they create vehicles designed for longevity.

The Outlander Sport offers drivers looking for an economical vehicle a low starting price, unique styling, and an extensive warranty at an attractive price point. Finance options start from $392/month at 3.9% APR over 72 months or lease for 39 months starting from $309/month after paying an upfront $3633 fee.

The Outlander also comes available with an all-electric driving range of 24 miles, making it an affordable solution for drivers seeking electric power for transportation. Furthermore, with its standard warranty covering five years or 60,000 miles – making the Outlander PHEV an excellent long-term bet.

Mitsubishi stands out among many other brands by not compromising on safety technology. Most of its models boast crash test ratings that surpass average, with some earning the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ designation.

Another model worth noting is the Mirage G4, a hatchback which boasts the same fuel economy as its sedan counterpart and thus helps you save on gas expenses.

It is the cheapest subcompact sedan on the market, making it an excellent budget option. Prices for an ES model start at $15,995 while an SE version goes for up to $17,895.

The Mirage also comes in a four-door version that’s slightly more costly, yet offers additional features and a costlier transmission compared to its two-door sibling.

The Mirage may seem dull at first glance, but it remains an excellent choice for budget-minded buyers looking for transportation that meets their daily needs. Additionally, teens looking for something affordable yet enjoyable might also benefit from investing in one.


Mitsubishi cars may not be known for their performance, but some models do deliver decent driving experiences and come equipped with safety features that allow you to feel secure on the road.

Mitsubishi, founded in 1970, has long been recognized for their affordability and fuel efficiency vehicles that are easy to maintain with standard parts configurations.

However, the company has had difficulty with reliability over time. Numerous recalls and poor customer satisfaction ratings are evidence of this fact.

Mitsubishi stands out among more than 30 automakers by scoring low in overall reliability scores; Mitsubishi was listed last in both 2019 and 2020 Consumer Reports annual reports, moving up one spot into 30th position for 2021’s report.

Reliability ratings are determined using a combination of cost, frequency and severity of repair. Severity measures the likelihood that repairs become major issues – this factor tends to be higher for premium/luxury brands which typically have higher labor rates and parts costs.

RepairPal, an independent website that analyzes car repairs and maintenance costs, ranks Mitsubishi sixth out of 32 brands for their overall reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5, with an estimated average annual repair cost of $535 and 12% probability for severe repairs.

Mitsubishi continues to face several difficulties that hinder its overall reliability and customer satisfaction, such as producing cars that meet high quality standards while simultaneously providing poor reliability and satisfaction ratings to buyers.

Recent initiatives from this company to improve reliability include developing better engine components and establishing an industry-standard service process. However, none of these initiatives has had much of an effect on consumer perceptions of reliability; issues still persist despite all their efforts, with consumers uncertain when things will start turning around for them.


When buying a new car, safety should always be your number one concern. Otherwise, costly repairs or replacements could result in the future.

Mitsubishi vehicles are widely acclaimed for being safe to drive. Furthermore, its 10-year/5 mile warranty protects any mechanical issues in case of collisions.

Mitsubishi makes an ideal car choice for drivers on a tight budget who prioritize safety features over affordability. They’re an especially great pick if you have young children in the household.

Mitsubishi models feature all of the essential amenities expected in modern cars, from air conditioning and navigation systems to advanced safety technologies. Some features can be expensive; therefore it is important to shop around for one with them at an affordable rate.

Mitsubishi cars are known for being fuel efficient. By consuming less gas than their competitors, Mitsubishi vehicles tend to save you money in your monthly payments and lower monthly expenses.

Unfortunately, some engines can become problematic over time, with pistons failing prematurely and becoming an expensive issue to repair.

Mitsubishi engines may consume too much transmission fluid too quickly, leading to shifting and gear slippage issues and making shifting more challenging than necessary. These factors may contribute to why these engines may not be as dependable.

One of the primary problems associated with Mitsubishi engines is an insufficient amount of torque, leading to poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption.

Although not usually a major issue, this can still be bothersome. When purchasing a Mitsubishi, be sure to choose a model with plenty of torque so your driving experience will be as pleasant as possible.

Notably, some engines used by Volkswagen and Ford-PSA vehicles may make them less dependable than some other models; therefore, it’s wise to research any vehicle you plan to purchase beforehand in terms of reliability ratings.


Mitsubishi has long been recognized for producing quality cars, and with the introduction of hybrid vehicles they are quickly becoming a more sought-after choice. Hybrid cars combine the benefits of both worlds – offering fuel efficiency and range comparable to an electric vehicle while offering performance and handling comparable to gas-powered models.

Hybrid cars may not be without their drawbacks, either. They require additional maintenance than traditional gas-powered cars and their high voltage systems can make repairs tricky for mechanics to perform effectively.

However, they can save money over time as their fuel-saving capabilities reduce costs significantly. This is especially beneficial if your hybrid vehicle is used less often or for road trips with shorter distances.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV stands out as one of the most cost-effective and dependable hybrid SUVs on the market, featuring an amazingly powerful engine and ample seating capacity – ideal for families.

Charge it quickly using a public rapid charging station, and travel over 38 miles on electric power alone for most daily commutes and highway driving if you avoid using gas engines to recharge its battery pack.

Mitsubishi has also begun designing a battery electric vehicle (BEV) specifically for Europe that should launch between 2024-2025 based on a modified Renault Scenic made in France. This project should take less than four years.

Mitsubishi is well known for producing reliable and cost-effective cars; but over the past decades it has also established itself as an innovator when it comes to technology. Many of its vehicles feature advanced features, such as touchscreen infotainment systems.

Electric vehicles (EVs) can also help the environment by saving energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, the Outlander PHEV uses regenerative braking technology to gather wasted energy that would otherwise be lost and use it to charge its batteries instead.

Hybrid cars may not always be the easiest or most enjoyable cars to drive, but they can be an excellent way to conserve both energy and money. Before investing in one, however, it’s essential that you conduct extensive research so as to make sure it meets all of your needs.