Who Makes Acura Cars?

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There are many compelling arguments for investing in a high-end luxury car, including reliability, quality craftsmanship, and an incredible list of features.

As someone shopping for an Acura car may be wondering who makes these vehicles, Honda began producing them back in 1986.


Honda Motor Co Ltd of Japan is an iconic manufacturer, producing automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, scooters, robots, jet engines and jet engines, ATVs water craft electrical generators marine engines lawn and garden equipment and aeronautical technologies that are sold around the globe. Honda stands as one of the world’s most successful producers whose products have global distribution networks.

Most people associate Honda with cars such as the Accord, but it also manufactures Acura vehicles renowned for their quality and luxury. Acura first made its debut as an independent brand within Honda in 1986 before eventually being adopted under its parent nameplate in 1999.

Acura’s first two vehicles, the Legend and Integra, were monumental successes. They helped the company enter the luxury market, leading to widespread recognition of its brand today.

Today, Honda offers an expansive lineup of vehicles including SUVs and crossovers designed to offer premium experiences while upholding Honda’s longstanding tradition for reliability and durability.

Honda stands out from other automakers by using high-quality parts from within their own production network to assemble Acura cars and SUVs at reduced costs, keeping prices lower overall while increasing production volume at reduced cost. This approach benefits Honda significantly because it helps them produce vehicles at more cost-efficient levels while keeping price points competitively priced.

While Honda designs and manufactures most of its car bodies in Japan, most engines and transmissions are produced at its Marysville, Ohio and East Liberty Ohio plants – two among several that comprise their network of American factories producing Honda products.

Many parts used in their cars and SUVs come from their global supply chain; however, certain domestic parts tailored specifically for each model such as those for its engine, transmission, chassis.

Acura uses advanced technology and design concepts when crafting its vehicles, taking pride in precision in every component. Their engineers perform stringent inspections during production to make sure all parts meet safety and reliability standards set by Acura; its logo features stylized pair of calipers used to take precise measurements as a symbol for this goal of creating vehicles made with precise standards in mind.


Ohio is home to many automotive manufacturers, and one such renowned brand that stands out is Acura cars. Acura is known for producing top-performing luxury vehicles.

Acura began life in Japan as the luxury division of Honda; today they are one of the fastest-growing automotive companies globally with groundbreaking designs that have revolutionized car technology.

Today there are various Acura models to choose from, such as luxury crossovers and sedans such as the ILX, TLX, RDX and MDX as well as race-inspired supercars such as the NSX. No matter which you select, rest assured it was manufactured here in America by skilled technicians who take great pride in their work.

Most Acura vehicles are manufactured at four facilities located in Marysville, East Liberty, Anna and Russells Point OH – Marysville being the primary site and producing Acura ILX and Acura TLX sedans.

Two additional plants specialize in manufacturing engines, transmissions and AWD components that power Acura cars sold both domestically and worldwide. Anna Engine Plant in particular is a state-of-the-art facility employing more than 2,800 people to craft advanced motors and drivetrain elements used to assemble cars sold worldwide.

Acura cars feature powerful engines designed to maximize both performance and fuel economy for drivers. The 2022 Acura MDX Type S SUV stands out as being particularly luxurious, boasting an engine producing 355 horsepower from Anna Engine Plant.

Cleveland drivers seeking an athletically capable vehicle that comes equipped with luxurious features at an economical price will find this an attractive choice. Equipped with an engine and dual-clutch transmission for added fun driving pleasure and SH-AWD available as standard features.

Honda plans to start manufacturing the next-generation NSX in Ohio for the first time ever in its 27-year history, making an obvious statement that they want their Acura brand to stand out in America from European counterparts, according to engineering project leader Clement D’Souza.


Acura is one of the premier luxury car brands in North America. Since its founding, Acura has pushed the limits of automotive innovation with high-performance engines, innovative designs, and cutting-edge technological features in their models.

Acura’s Acura NSX mid-engine sports car stands as proof of their innovative spirit, being the first mid-engine vehicle made entirely out of aluminum in construction and debuting Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing system to North American markets.

Acura made several modifications in the 2000s to appeal to more tech-savvy buyers, such as redesigning its TL, RL and TSX models for greater market appeal. These cars became extremely popular among both customers and critics.

These vehicles were well-received in a crowded market of upscale sedans, offering both luxury and sportiness at an attractive price point. Furthermore, they came equipped with extensive standard equipment.

Acura quickly rose to become one of the most successful Japanese luxury brands in America with this strategy, inspiring Toyota and Nissan to introduce their own luxurious vehicle brands.

Today, Acura remains at the forefront of automotive innovation by incorporating new technologies into their vehicles. One such advancement is their True Touchpad Interface that utilizes absolute positioning to provide an intuitive digital experience for drivers.

Other innovative innovations include Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system that distributes power intelligently across all wheels. Furthermore, Precision All-Wheel Steer can independently adjust rear wheel tow angles for greater stability and precise steering capabilities.

Acura knows what works to keep their customers coming back for more, which is why they constantly look for ways to enhance and upgrade their vehicles so that they remain at the cutting-edge of automotive innovation.

They strive to ensure their drivers remain safe when on the road and offer many safety features such as forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, blind spot monitor and adaptive cruise control.

Acura ensures its customers enjoy an unparalleled driving experience by offering high IQ driving features and driver assist systems such as collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist, road departure mitigation and Acura Watch.


Acura Motorsports (formerly Honda Performance Development) is the racing arm of American Honda Motor Co., Inc’s luxury and performance division. They design, develop and race Acura NSXs in both WeatherTech SportsCar Championship’s GTD class and Pirelli World Challenge GT class; along with various models such as Acura TLXs, ILXs and RDXs.

Acura’s most successful vehicle in history, competing directly against Ferrari and Porsche in the supercar segment. Furthermore, it remains one of the most coveted luxury vehicles on American roads today.

Though most of Honda’s cars are designed in Japan, its flagship NSX sportscar and several other models are manufactured here in America. Luxury sedans manufactured include the TLX, TSX and Integra; SUV models produced include MDX and RDX.

Acura Racing boasts an illustrious racing legacy, with multiple championship wins in both DPi and GTD categories. Their new car, the Acura ARX-06 will make its competition debut at Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona next month.

The NSX will be designed and built according to IMSA’s new GTP rules, powered by a 2.4-liter V6 twin-turbo engine equipped with an electric hybrid system – making it the first fully electrified sports car to compete at top levels in North American racing.

Acura also provides drivers the chance to advance their careers by participating in the Honda Performance Development (HPD) Driver Academy Program. This opportunity is open to applicants who possess an interest in sports car racing and wish to gain professional experience by working alongside experienced drivers, HPD-supported teams, and HPD personnel.

Ashton Harrison started racing professionally after winning her debut IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar series race in 2022, joining Racers Edge Motorsports to advance her racing career and co-drive in an Acura NSX GT3 Evo alongside her mentor Kyle Marcelli.

2023 will see her continue her sportscar career under Racers Edge Motorsports with Kyle Marcelli as her co-driver and compete in both IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and Fanatec GT World Challenge America with her Acura NSX GT3.