Which Cars Are Most Likely to Have Their Catalytic Converter Stolen?

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Which Cars Are Most Likely to Have Their Catalytic Converter Stolen?

Thieves often target catalytic converters of vehicles because they contain precious metals which can be sold at scrap yards for considerable sums of money.

Thieves can gain entry under your vehicle quickly and remove its catalytic converter without you even being aware. Therefore, it is wise to park in well-lit areas away from trees and bushes.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of our top-rated family sedans, making it an ideal option for anyone in search of both comfort and reliability in their daily driving needs. Furthermore, its hybrid powertrain can save on fuel costs without compromising any features found elsewhere in a standard sedan.

The interior of the Accord offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo alike, plus an impressive array of safety technologies and convenience features. Its touchscreen infotainment system makes navigation, audio playback and other tasks a snap to use.

Not long ago, Honda pioneered Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility on their Accord sedan – giving drivers access to its infotainment system through smartphone touch controls – making this family sedan one of the most energy efficient on the road with EPA estimates of 30 mpg in city driving conditions and 38 highway miles traveled per gallon. Additionally, this Honda model boasts one of the highest fuel economy ratings of any family sedan on sale today: an EPA estimate puts its city mileage estimate at 30 and 38 respectively.

Protecting your catalytic converter against thieves requires several measures, including installing an anti-theft shield and parking it in a secure spot when not in use. Furthermore, consider installing a motion-activated dash cam which will alert you if anyone attempts to steal it from you.

Catalytic converters are prime targets for thieves due to the precious metals contained within. According to estimates by the NICB, used catalytic converters typically fetch between $50-250 when sold to scrap yards for recycling; making it an attractive target as the price of Rhodium (one of the precious metals that make up your catalytic converter) increases.

Toyota Prius

Catalytic converters are among the most vulnerable parts of any vehicle when it comes to theft. As they contain precious metals that can fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market, thieves often target these parts first for theft.

Thieves specifically target hybrid cars with catalytic converters containing large amounts of valuable metals like rhodium. As hybrids don’t use combustion engines that run continuously, more of those expensive metals are needed for them to function optimally.

Toyota Prius models manufactured between 2004 and 2009 are among the most frequently stolen in the U.S. due to their catalytic converters, according to data from Highway Loss Data Institute.

HLDI reports that theft rates of older Toyota Prius models have skyrocketed four-fold over the last four years due to rising metal costs from decreased mining activity, according to Rodriguez. Catalytic converters present in such Prius vehicles become attractive targets for thieves looking for precious metals they can exploit as thieves look for catalytic converters for theft purposes, according to Rodriguez.

Since a catalytic converter can be an expensive part to replace, it’s essential that you do everything possible to protect it from theft. One way is to paint it a bright color or inscribe your car’s VIN number into it to deter thieves from selling it on the black market.

Your car should also be kept in a protected area with alarm set – this will help deter theft, protect both its contents and wallet, as well as making theft more difficult for thieves to carry out. Motion sensor lights may make theft harder; while they might not completely deter them, at least making them think twice before trying to take your ride!

Ferrari F430

If you’re searching for the car least likely to have its catalytic converter stolen, look no further than the Ferrari F430. Its catalytic converter is constructed from ceramic material covered in precious metal such as platinum, rhodium or palladium plating; making this an unattractive target.

Catalytic converters are essential parts of vehicles because they allow toxic gasses to bond with metal atoms, making them less toxic. A catalytic converter can lower emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide and hydrocarbons, significantly decreasing emissions.

The F430 is an impressive machine, boasting a total of 510 horsepower (350 in the Scuderia variant) from its 4.3-liter V-8 engine and channeling its power through either a six-speed manual transmission or F1-derived sequential gearbox to the rear wheels.

Braking power of this vehicle is also impressive, featuring brake discs made from an innovative cast-iron alloy that contains molybdenum for increased energy/heat dissipation. Furthermore, its suspension features a four-link front and five-link rear design and comes equipped with standard features like traction control, electronic stability system and antilock brakes for an optimal driving experience.

Even the steering is light and accurate, while E-diff’s active rear differential integrates with F1-Trac traction control to distribute exactly the amount of power to each rear wheel – meaning the F430 remains extremely stable at higher speeds while handling corners like no other Ferrari before it.

The F430 is one of the greatest driving cars ever produced by Ferrari and makes an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates performance without compromise. Boasting outstanding handling, speed and comfort features as well as active safety features for two-passenger cockpit, the F430 offers all that a driver could wish for in a sports car.


Lamborghinis are among the fastest and most exciting cars on the road today, known for their distinct style and excellent performance. Furthermore, this vehicle remains reliable over its decades-long production record and sales track.

However, the car company has recently experienced issues. Due to financial instability and Covid, sales have fallen and it cannot meet customer demand.

Lamborghini needed to increase revenue quickly if they wanted to remain profitable and this proved challenging, necessitating several restructures within the car company itself.

Vittorio di Capua was an experienced auto industry executive who had worked at Fiat. Immediately upon taking office he immediately started cutting costs and restructuring production to make Lamborghini more profitable.

He faced an uphill task as his responsibility included attracting new clients and developing an international product that could be sold worldwide. Furthermore, he needed to leverage their brand name and identity.

He needed to enhance Lamborghini’s image in the public’s eye, which involved increasing marketing efforts and offering more models that were accessible to regular people.

As of 2020, Ford Motor Company’s efforts appear to be paying off. Their sales and production have set new records since 2019 while catalytic converter thefts have significantly increased in that same period. Law enforcement must do more to combat theft of catalytic converters.


Which Cars Are Most Likely to Have Their Catalytic Converter Stolen
Which Cars Are Most Likely to Have Their Catalytic Converter Stolen

Nissan Versa

Catalytic converters are devices used to reduce harmful emissions from entering your car’s exhaust system. Usually located under your car with bolted connections to its exhaust pipe, catalytic converters filter harmful chemicals and gases out of its exhaust system and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Thieves tend to be quite adept at stealing catalytic converters from cars without damaging or jacking up the vehicle in any way, often by pulling them from beneath without using any tools such as wrenches or saws to force their way in.

The Nissan Versa is a subcompact sedan available with either a manual transmission or continuously variable transmission (CVT). It achieves an estimated 32 city mpg and 40 highway mpg fuel economy ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you’re searching for an affordable yet stylish vehicle, the Nissan Versa may be worth your consideration. Available both as the base SV and higher trim levels.

It features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque, along with either a five-speed manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Although not the most powerful or fuel-efficient vehicle in its class, the Toyota Corolla S offers some useful safety technology features as standard features – blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are included in its S trim package.

In addition to its attractive exterior design, the Versa offers an airy cabin crafted of high-quality materials with soft-touch surfaces throughout. Additionally, its mid-level SV trim unlocks many desirable standard features, such as touchscreen interface, WiFi hotspot and adaptive cruise control.

To protect your catalytic converter from theft, consider engraving your vehicle’s VIN onto it. This can deter thieves from cashing it in for precious metals while making it more difficult for them to resell it on the black market.

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