Repair Your classic car once again like before

A technical problem might occur, especially if you don't drive a lot of kilometres with your classic car, and as an enthusiast, we know that there's nothing more frustrating than unreliability on the road. Even small mistakes can have huge consequences; a scratch or dent can hurt too! In both cases, a classic car needs to be repaired professionally and quickly. We have the right skills and connections to ensure that happens.

Reparatie - Vivento Collector Cars

Support The road to originality

In our workshop, everything is brand new, except the cars. Whatever is wrong with your classic car, we can fix by combining high-tech machinery and our expertise. Technical problems and acquisition of parts can be left in our trusted hands. If the work is due to an accident, we can coordinate insurance, valuation and the repair for you.

Our services Understanding your needs and relieving you of stress

We share your fascination for classic, exclusive and extraordinary cars and we understand that entrusting your gem to someone else is a sensitive matter. So, whether you only take your classic car out on beautiful days or use it intensively at rallies, you need a partner who understands your needs and who can relieve you of any stress. At Vivento Collector Cars, we can do that for you with a full-service package.

Our services - Vivento Collector Cars Our services - Vivento Collector Cars
  • Knowledge of illustrious brands
  • Old-school engineering expertise
  • Exceeding expectations for 25 years

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