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I. About Company

Viventocars stands at the forefront of automotive information, delivering expert reviews, news, and captivating videos. Dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive world, we stay abreast of the dynamic changes in the industry. Our innovative shopping resources empower car buyers, enabling them to make well-informed and intelligent decisions.

Vivento logo
Vivento logo


Established in 2009, Viventocars.com quickly rose to prominence in the automotive domain, captivating both enthusiasts and newcomers with its thorough and diverse coverage of everything automotive. This journey started with a shared passion for cars and the ambition to establish a central hub where fascination meets knowledge. Envisioned as more than a mere blog, Viventocars.com aimed to be an engaging digital experience, pulsating with the energy of the automotive world.

The site’s mission from the start was to serve as a comprehensive resource for car enthusiasts, spanning a range of topics from intricate vehicle components and advanced safety features to thorough analyses of famous car brands. The founders set out to redefine the traditional car blog, focusing on the unique attributes that make each vehicle special.

As the automotive industry has evolved, so has Viventocars.com, adapting to the changing tides while maintaining its dedication to insightful, in-depth content. This commitment has built a loyal audience, solidifying the blog’s reputation as a go-to source for more than just information, but for a deeper appreciation of the automotive world.

Viventocars.com continues to grow and adapt, holding fast to its mission to enlighten, educate, and cultivate a community united by a passion for cars. Each article, review, and feature helps cement Viventocars.com’s role as a digital ally for anyone intrigued by the world of automobiles. The journey is far from over, and the path ahead is lined with exciting new chapters for Viventocars.com and its community of automotive aficionados.

Website Sections

Viventocars.com is a dynamic and comprehensive website dedicated to the world of automobiles. It features a wide range of categories including classic, custom, and performance vehicles, campers and RVs, commercial vehicles, and various motor vehicles categorized by brand and type. The site offers extensive coverage of vehicle codes, driving laws, parts, services, and vehicle shopping. Additionally, it highlights vehicle shows, providing a platform for automotive enthusiasts. Viventocars.com also offers services like advice, repair, sale, restoration, maintenance, and rally support, catering to a diverse automotive community. For more information, visit their website at [Viventocars.com](https://www.viventocars.com).

Mission and Vision

Mission: To democratize automotive knowledge by providing accessible, high-quality educational content. We aim to enlighten both car enthusiasts and novices, offering deep insights into automotive mechanics, history, and innovations. Our goal is to foster a well-informed community passionate about all aspects of automobiles, from basic maintenance to cutting-edge technologies.

Vision: To become the premier online destination for automotive education, where curiosity drives learning. We envision a world where everyone has the knowledge and confidence to engage with cars, appreciating their engineering marvels and cultural significance, and making informed decisions whether for hobby or necessity.

II. Team

About Thomas Strickler

Thomas Strickler Profile Picture
Thomas Strickler Profile Picture

Thomas Strickler is more than just the CEO of Viventocars.com; he embodies the spirit of a true car aficionado, a visionary leader, and a pivotal figure in the automotive community. His passion for automobiles, coupled with his extensive experience, elevates his impact beyond the conventional boundaries of an executive role. Thomas’s path in the world of cars is marked by a commitment and dedication that mirrors a master craftsman honing their skill.

With over 15 years in the automotive industry, Thomas Strickler’s legacy reflects an unceasing zeal, a pursuit of excellence, and a deep grasp of the nuances that make each car unique. Beyond his CEO duties, he serves as a mentor and an inspiring figure within the Viventocars.com community, contributing not just to the platform’s growth but also influencing the broader narrative of car enthusiasts globally.

In the dynamic automotive sector, Thomas Strickler’s leadership is synonymous with innovation, fostering community, and a genuine passion for everything automotive. His story is one that resonates with those who have a profound appreciation for the varied aspects of the automotive world, solidifying his status as a pivotal character in the story of Viventocars.com.

Thomas’s philosophy centers around empowering others through education and inspiration in the automotive realm. He perceives cars not just as vehicles but as mediums for creativity and personal expression. His teaching approach is grounded in patience, clarity, and a deep understanding of individual learning curves, reflecting his commitment to fostering a knowledgeable and passionate automotive community.

Over the years, Thomas has garnered various awards and accolades, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the automotive industry. His work is celebrated for its precision, aesthetic appeal, and innovative approaches to car-related topics.

Beyond leading Viventocars.com, Thomas is actively involved in several professional automotive organizations. His dedication extends to mentoring emerging car enthusiasts and advocating for sustainable practices within the automotive industry.

Thomas Strickler’s journey and achievements stand as the driving force behind Viventocars.com’s mission. His expertise, coupled with a commitment to education and sharing, continues to elevate the automotive community, inspiring countless individuals to explore and excel in this dynamic and ever-evolving domain.

Thomas Strickler’s philosophy is rooted in the empowerment of others through both education and inspiration in the automotive field. He views cars not merely as means of transport but as canvases for creativity and avenues for personal expression. His approach to teaching is characterized by patience, clarity, and an acute awareness of the diverse learning paces of individuals, showcasing his dedication to nurturing a knowledgeable and passionate automotive community.

Throughout his career, Thomas has received numerous awards and honors, acknowledging his significant contributions to the automotive sector. His work is acclaimed for its precision, visual appeal, and innovative treatment of car-related subjects.

Beyond his role at Viventocars.com, Thomas is actively engaged in various professional automotive organizations. His commitment also encompasses mentoring budding car enthusiasts and championing sustainable practices within the automotive industry.

Thomas Strickler’s path and accomplishments are fundamental to Viventocars.com’s ethos. His expertise, combined with his devotion to education and sharing knowledge, continuously enriches the automotive community, inspiring a multitude of individuals to delve into and thrive in this vibrant and continually changing field. You can contact him anytime at contact(at)viventocars.com

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