5 Compelling Reasons to Choose the 2007 BMW 328i

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Why settle for mediocrity when you can command the road with the 2007 BMW 328i?

I’ve scrutinized every aspect of this vehicle and can attest to its superior engineering.

First, its N52 inline-6 engine is a marvel of power and efficiency, offering a harmonious balance of performance and fuel economy.

Second, the car’s weight distribution is nearly ideal, which, combined with its sophisticated suspension system, results in unparalleled handling.

Third, the high-quality materials and build in the cabin ensure a luxurious and durable interior.

Fourth, the advanced safety features, including dynamic stability control, provide peace of mind.

Lastly, the 328i’s timeless design doesn’t just turn heads—it’s a testament to BMW’s commitment to aesthetic longevity.

For the connoisseur of fine automobiles, these reasons make the 2007 BMW 328i an undeniable choice.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2007 BMW 328i offers superior engineering and performance with its N52 inline-6 engine, ideal weight distribution, and sophisticated suspension system.
  • The car has a history and reputation for driving excellence, with its meticulously tuned suspension and BMW’s dedication to engineering prowess and agile handling.
  • The interior of the 328i is luxurious and comfortable, with high-quality materials, supportive seats, and well-considered ergonomics.
  • The car features the iDrive system for infotainment and connectivity, prioritizing driver engagement and control, although it lacks modern smartphone integration.


Reflecting on the rich legacy of BMW, I’ve found the 2007 328i to be a standout model, embodying the brand’s commitment to performance and luxury.

Tracing back through BMW’s history, the 3 Series has consistently set benchmarks in the compact executive car segment.

The 2007 iteration, part of the fifth-generation E90 series, introduced a more refined inline-6 engine that delivered a robust 230 horsepower, ensuring a harmonious blend of efficiency and dynamism.

It’s the precision in the engine’s response, coupled with a meticulously tuned suspension, that affirmed the 328i’s reputation for driving excellence.

In scrutinizing its specs, one can appreciate BMW’s historical dedication to engineering prowess, with the 2007 328i encapsulating this ethos through its agile handling and responsive powertrain.

What’s New

I’ve delved into the updates of the 2007 BMW 328i and found its introduction of innovative features and enhancements that distinguish it from previous models. Conducting a deep dive into i BMW technology, I’ve analyzed the 328i’s performance details, which reveal a significant step up.

The 2007 model introduced a more potent and fuel-efficient engine, the N52B30, producing 230 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque—a notable increase compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, the BMW iDrive system was refined, enhancing user interaction with the vehicle’s infotainment functions. The incorporation of advanced safety features and an improved suspension system also contribute to the 2007 328i’s heightened driving dynamics.

These strategic updates ensure that the i BMW lineage continues to set benchmarks for performance and luxury in its class.

Why you should consider it

In my search for a vehicle that balances performance with luxury, I’ve found the 2007 BMW 328i to stand out among its peers. This i BMW represents a harmonious blend of dynamic driving capabilities and premium comfort features. Analyzing its engineering and design, the 2007 BMW 328i demonstrates why it’s a compelling choice for connoisseurs of fine automobiles.

Feature Benefit
Inline-6 Engine Smooth acceleration and refined performance
Rear-Wheel Drive Superior handling and driving dynamics
Luxurious Cabin High-quality materials and ergonomic design
iDrive System Intuitive control and navigation interface

Every detail of the 328i reflects BMW’s commitment to automotive excellence, making it a must-consider for those seeking mastery over the road.

What People Ask

Many potential buyers have asked me what truly sets the 2007 BMW 328i apart from its competitors.

I delve into the specifics, noting its N52 engine—a naturally aspirated six-cylinder that offers a linear power delivery and a distinct exhaust note, revered by enthusiasts.

This powerplant’s integration with a finely tuned suspension system provides a balance of comfort and agility unmatched in its class.

Furthermore, the 328i’s rear-wheel-drive platform ensures a pure driving experience, with weight distribution that favors precise handling dynamics.

Then there’s the build quality; BMW’s attention to detail results in a cabin that withstands the test of time, making the 2007 model a wise choice for discerning drivers seeking a blend of performance and enduring design.

How much is a 2004 M3

Transitioning from the allure of the 2007 BMW 328i, I’ll now explore the value proposition of the 2004 M3, a model that has its own merits in the used car market.

Pinning down an exact price for a 2004 BMW M3 is contingent upon various factors, including mileage, condition, modifications, and service history. Market analyses suggest that prices can range significantly, from approximately $15,000 for well-used examples to upwards of $30,000 for meticulously maintained vehicles with low mileage.

It’s critical to examine the vehicle’s maintenance records, as the M3’s S54 engine requires strict adherence to service intervals. Moreover, models equipped with the SMG transmission may command a lower price due to potential maintenance complexity compared to their manual counterparts, which are typically more sought after by purists and enthusiasts.

How much is a E46 M3 worth

I’ve noticed that a well-kept E46 M3 can be worth anywhere from $25,000 to $60,000, depending on its condition, mileage, and history. As a connoisseur of fine automobiles, I recognize that values fluctuate based on originality and documented maintenance.

Pristine models, especially those with lower mileage, command premium prices. I’m aware that variants like the Competition Package or those with rare color combinations often see a significant uptick in value.

When analyzing an E46 M3’s worth, I meticulously examine its service records, as consistent upkeep is a testament to the vehicle’s health. Modifications can either enhance or detract from its value, and I always recommend authentic BMW parts to maintain its pedigree.

Buyers and sellers alike must consider these variables to accurately gauge the E46 M3’s current market value.

Why is BMW M3 so expensive

In light of the high demand for performance and luxury, it’s no surprise that the BMW M3 commands a steep price tag. This icon of automotive engineering is a distillation of power, precision, and innovation.

The M3’s cost is rooted in its meticulously crafted engine, which offers an exceptional power-to-weight ratio and an exhilarating driving experience. Its track-ready chassis, adaptive suspension, and high-performance braking system reflect a no-compromise approach to dynamic handling.

Moreover, the M3 incorporates cutting-edge materials, such as carbon fiber, to reduce weight while enhancing rigidity. The advanced technology extends to driver assistance systems and an infotainment suite that satisfy the most demanding tech-savvy drivers.

All these elements, when synthesized by masterful engineering, justify the M3’s premium over more pedestrian models.

Is the M3 a fast car

I’ve analyzed the BMW M3’s performance specifications, and it’s clear that speed is a defining feature of this model. With its high-revving V8 engine and a 0-60 mph acceleration time that challenges contemporary sports cars, the M3’s prowess on the road is undeniable.

Yet, when comparing it to the 2007 328i, one must consider the balance of speed with the pricing aspect to gauge its overall value proposition.


When considering the cost of a sporty vehicle, I can’t help but weigh in the 2007 BMW 328i’s affordability against the M3’s reputation for speed. The 328i offers a commendable balance of performance and value, often presenting a significantly lower price point in the pre-owned market compared to the M3.

It’s crucial to analyze the total cost of ownership, including depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and potential repairs. The 328i strikes a sweet spot, boasting a robust inline-6 engine with ample power for spirited driving, while avoiding the premium attached to the M3’s higher output and track-ready engineering.

For enthusiasts seeking a blend of luxury, performance, and fiscal prudence, the 328i emerges as a compelling proposition, marrying cost-effectiveness with the driving pleasure inherent to the BMW marque.


When examining the 2007 BMW 328i, I’m struck by its robust engine and transmission dynamics, which promise both efficiency and performance.

Its interior balances comfort with practical cargo space, ensuring a luxurious yet functional driving experience.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The heart of the 2007 BMW 328i’s appeal lies in its engine-transmission synergy, delivering a driving experience that I find both smooth and invigorating.

Nestled under the hood is a robust 3.0-liter inline-six engine, a powerplant renowned for its linear power delivery and 230 horsepower output.

This engine’s prowess is complemented by a six-speed manual or an optional six-speed automatic transmission, providing a tactile engagement that’s rare in sedans of this era.

I appreciate the precision of the manual gearbox, which affords me a level of control that’s both gratifying and precise. The automatic, on the other hand, offers a Steptronic feature, allowing for manual-style shifting when desired.

Analyzing its performance, I’m struck by the 328i’s brisk acceleration and the seamless manner in which power is distributed to the rear wheels, resulting in a harmonious balance of efficiency and dynamics.

Fuel Economy

Beyond its performance capabilities, I’m also impressed with the 2007 BMW 328i’s fuel economy, which stands out amidst its class with an EPA-estimated 20 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. This efficiency is emblematic of BMW’s commitment to precision engineering.

The 328i’s fuel consumption is optimized through advanced features like its high-precision direct injection, lightweight construction, and efficient dynamics technology. The direct injection system ensures fuel is burned more completely, reducing waste and emissions. Additionally, the engine’s design minimizes internal friction, which further enhances fuel economy.

These technical refinements, when combined with the car’s aerodynamic profile, explain the vehicle’s ability to balance power with sustainability. For enthusiasts who value both spirited driving and efficiency, the 328i represents a masterful convergence of these priorities.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

I’m equally impressed by the 328i’s cabin comfort, a blend of luxury and practicality that ensures both driver and passenger satisfaction. The seats, upholstered in premium leatherette, offer commendable support and adjustability, critical for both short jaunts and extended journeys. Ergonomics are well-considered, with intuitive placement of controls and a driver-centric cockpit layout that promotes engagement without distraction.

Analyzing the cargo capabilities, the 328i presents a surprisingly spacious trunk for the class, with split-folding rear seats that extend versatility. Attention to detail is evident in the tactile quality of switchgear and the logical arrangement of the iDrive interface, which, despite initial complexity, provides comprehensive vehicle management. It’s this meticulous approach to the interior design that underscores the 328i’s commitment to delivering a superior in-cabin experience.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Equally impressive is the comprehensive suite of infotainment and connectivity features I’ve found in the 2007 BMW 328i, merging technology with convenience in a way that enhances the driving experience.

The centerpiece is the iDrive system, a pioneering interface that consolidates audio, navigation, and communication functions into a single control knob and display. It requires a bit of a learning curve but offers deep customization for the discerning user.

The audio system, compatible with various media formats, delivers high fidelity sound, and the auxiliary input allows for seamless integration of external devices. While it lacks the modern smartphone integration found in newer models, the 328i’s setup remains a paragon of the era’s emerging digital integration, prioritizing driver engagement and control.

Safety Features and Crash Test Ratings

While exploring the 2007 BMW 328i’s infotainment capabilities, I’ve been equally reassured by its robust safety features and impressive crash test ratings, ensuring that state-of-the-art entertainment doesn’t come at the expense of occupant protection.

The 328i comes equipped with advanced front and side airbags, complemented by full-length curtain airbags, which are essential for mitigating injury during a collision. I’ve analyzed its structural integrity too, which is solidified by BMW’s Rollover Protection System, designed to enhance the vehicle’s stability and occupant safety.

In technical assessments, the 2007 model received high scores in frontal-offset and side-impact tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), reflecting a commendable level of crashworthiness.

These integrated safety elements showcase BMW’s commitment to combining luxury with a comprehensive approach to safety.

Reliability and Maintenance

Frequently, when I delve into the reliability of the 2007 BMW 328i, I’m struck by its long-term durability and the thoughtfully designed maintenance features that ensure it remains a dependable choice for luxury car enthusiasts.

The 328i’s inline-six engine, renowned for its balance and smooth operation, exhibits a lower incidence of major mechanical failures when properly serviced. Its onboard diagnostic system precisely monitors vehicle performance, providing critical alerts for preventive maintenance that preempt costly repairs.

Moreover, the cooling system, with its robust composite materials, resists the typical deterioration that plagues lesser models. Attention to detail is also evident in the electrical system’s redundancy, which enhances component longevity.

Analyzing ownership records, the 2007 328i demonstrates a pattern of reliability that, with meticulous upkeep, rivals newer luxury vehicles.

Common issues

Despite its many advantages, I’ve noticed that the 2007 BMW 328i has several common issues that potential buyers should be aware of. My analysis has led me to pinpoint these recurring problems:

  • Electric Water Pump Failure: This model is notorious for water pump malfunctions, often leading to engine overheating. Regular monitoring of coolant levels and pump functionality is essential.
  • Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction: A number of instances involving the steering wheel lock warning light have been reported, sometimes requiring the steering column to be replaced to rectify the issue.
  • Oil Leaks: The 328i’s engine is prone to oil leaks, especially from the valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket, which can lead to further complications if not addressed promptly.

It’s crucial for enthusiasts aiming for mastery of their vehicle to consider these aspects when evaluating the 2007 328i.

Direct competitor

Having acknowledged the 2007 BMW 328i’s common issues, it’s essential to consider its direct competitor, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, to provide a comprehensive comparison for potential buyers.

The C-Class during this era, particularly the C300, offers a formidable challenge with its refined interior and robust safety features. Technically, both deliver exceptional engineering, yet the BMW’s inline-six is renowned for its smooth power delivery compared to the C-Class’s V6.

Analytically speaking, the 328i historically holds an edge in driving dynamics, offering a more engaging and driver-focused experience. However, the Mercedes counters with a reputation for luxury and comfort.

It’s critical to scrutinize each model’s maintenance records, as both German brands come with specific reliability concerns. Mastery of this comparison hinges on understanding each vehicle’s nuanced trade-offs.

Other sources

During my research, I’ve consulted numerous automotive forums and expert reviews to gauge the 2007 BMW 328i’s reputation among enthusiasts and professionals alike. The consensus underscores its robust N52K engine—renowned for its balance between performance and reliability. I’ve pored over technical analyses that highlight the 328i’s precision fuel injection system, which contributes to its responsive acceleration and efficient fuel economy.

Moreover, discussions on forums like Bimmerfest and E90Post delve into the intricacies of its rear-wheel-drive platform, praising its dynamic weight distribution and handling prowess. These platforms also serve as repositories for maintenance anecdotes, illustrating the 328i’s durability with proper care.

Such deep dives into user experiences and professional insights provide a comprehensive understanding that’s crucial for informed decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the 2007 BMW 328i Handle in Inclement Weather Conditions Such as Snow or Heavy Rain?

I’ve found the 2007 BMW 328i to be stable in snow with proper tires, but its rear-wheel drive can challenge traction in heavy rain, demanding skill and careful throttle management to maintain control.

Are There Any Special Maintenance Routines Recommended for the 2007 BMW 328i to Ensure Optimal Performance?

I regularly follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for my 2007 BMW 328i, focusing on fluid changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations to maintain its performance at an optimal level.

Can the 2007 BMW 328i Accommodate Child Seats Comfortably, and What Are the Recommendations for Installing Them?

I’ve installed child seats in my 2007 BMW 328i; it’s quite accommodating. The LATCH system simplifies secure installation, ensuring optimal safety. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct positioning and anchorage.

What Are the Unique Customization Options Available for the 2007 BMW 328i That Were Not Commonly Chosen at the Time of Purchase?

I’ve found that the 2007 BMW 328i offered some rare customization options, like the M Sport suspension package and unique interior trim selections, which were often overlooked but significantly enhance driving dynamics and cabin aesthetics.

How Does the 2007 BMW 328i’s Performance and Comfort Hold up After Reaching High Mileage, Beyond 100,000 Miles?

I’ve found the 2007 BMW 328i maintains solid performance and comfort past 100,000 miles, provided it’s well-maintained. Suspension components may need attention, but the engine and interior quality typically withstand the test of time.

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